Reset Credentials

This section refers to the employees who are unable to remember the User ID or password which they used for accessing the MyLowesLife Login portal. At this point, users are required to tap on the ‘I forgot my password’ section here, just below the login section which will be redirected to the next page at My Lowe’s Life.

To reset the MyLowesLife Account password, users will have to go through some security issues to verify and also for security reasons. After adequately responding to these procedures, it is suggested that employees must set the new password.

Clients with questionnaires about pension plans can communicate with the director of human resources. Employees can also call or contact Lowes Human Resource Shared Services at the mentioned details:-
Lowes Team Perks, 1000 Lowes Boulevard, Mooresville.

Guide To Change MyLowesLife Account Login Credentials

The primary step is to tick on the forgotten password section, which can be seen on the login tab. If the username is incorrect and mentioned in some other way, the section will prompt employees to re-enter.

The MyLowesLife Login portal credentials reset link would take the employees to a new page where they would have to answer a question. This specific security question asked will be the same one that was chosen out when completing the registration procedure at the Lowes portal and submitted to the human resources department.

If the answer matches, the user is guided to another page that includes data that will assist someone through creating or making a new password at For a firm generation of passwords, the system confirms utilizing alphanumeric patterns and a particular character linked uniquely.

If an employee proceeds to experience issues or errors even after altering the password, the next step would be to contact human resources for more information to access their MyLowesLife Login Account. They can directly request assistance for the same at the portal.