MyLowesLife is a valuable portal for all current and former Lowe delegates. Through this official Lowes Employee Login, a Lowe operator can view their work hours, makeshift adjustments, address work-related emails, get benefits, manage pay-checks, and obtain other employment data easily at

Additionally, My Lowe’s Life platform also enables Lowes employees to apply for better jobs. Data on benefits and plans are also provided at the portal along with it, the reports include unemployment and dental insurance, vacation holidays, and even life insurance for direct family members.

To utilize the MyLowesLife Login portal, users will receive the login data, inclusive of the sales number and account password. Lowes manages My Lowe’s Life, as an organization with a network of 1,840 stores in the United States, Mexico, and Canada online for ease of management.

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MyLowesLife Login Procedure

Here is the procedure to access the MyLowesLife Login portal for the current and former employees to get all the relevant data and information at their convenience. Visit the official platform at

  • First, users are required to have all of their credentials ready to log into the MyLowesLife Login portal.
  • Users must be a current or former Lowe employee to get authentic access to the Login portal at once.
  • Users should have previously received their login data, for instance. The employee registered username (which is the sole identification number), a relevant password, and an attached security question.
  • It is essential that users must remember the login data and the answer to the security question users provided while the details enter the process.
  • Employees who want to access My Lowe’s Life Login portal also require a tablet, smartphone, or computer, and stable internet connectivity to avoid issues.
  • The Loew human resources department will give all the official employees their respective login data. Contact Lowe’s human resources department if they have not received the MyLowesLife Login credentials.
  • After receiving the login data, employees can now access the My Lowe’s Life login page at

On the Lowes Employee Login portal main page, employees will see two text entry sections where they must enter the relevant login data. A link that states “Click here” will take employees to another login page if they are a former Lowe’s employee.

What is MyLowesLife Login Portal?

The organization launched the Lowe’s Employees Portal in the year 2009 to improve employment services and employee performance on the actual work. To use the Lowes Employee Login portal, representatives will get their login data, inclusive of their sales number and the attached secret password.

MyLowesLife Login portal is officially operated by Lowes which is an association with a network of 1,840 active stores in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. It can be device-associated businesses and make alterations clearly spelled out under the company slogan “Never Stop Improving” along with the improving employee services.

Lowes was established in Mooresville, North Carolina by Lucius Smith of North Wilkesboro, North Carolina which now has the MyLowesLife Lowe’s Employees Portal. Shortly after its thriving growth and development in the United States, the business expanded to Canada and Mexico in the year 2007 and had supplementary offices in Hamilton, Monterrey, and Ontario.

MyLowesLife Account Benefits

The MyLowesLife Login portal at offers the subsequent benefits:

For Current Employees

  • Employees can see their current work schedule.
  • They can also change/adjust their current hours.
  • Associates have access to work-related emails sent by the firm.
  • Employees can handle the wages and benefits along with it.
  • Workers also have access to all the data about their daily work.
  • Representatives can also request promotions at the MyLowesLife Login portal.

For Former Employees

Lowe’s former delegates can access this Lowe’s Employees Portal platform to avail of the benefits of Lowe’s Store, especially for the employees.

Former associates can see the details of the work and get all the relevant data and information.

Employee PortalMyLowesLife
BenefitsManage Work Online
Portal UsageCurrent & Former Employees

MyLowesLife Portal Connection Troubleshooting

It is certain that some of the Lowes employees will sometimes have trouble logging into their MyLowesLife Login account. If employees currently are having any trouble accessing their respective My Lowes Life Lowe’s Employees Portal account, here are some solutions to take into account for:

  • Make sure users are on the correct login section at the official site or solely. By entering this address, employees will be redirected to the My Lowes Life Login portal where they must enter the relevant registered login credentials.
  • Delete cookies along with the browser history before accessing the Lowe’s Employees Portal.
  • Try to access the Lowe’s Employees Portal with a distinctive browser.
  • Employees can even try connecting from another device, such as from a cell phone or laptop as per their convenience.
  • Make sure the browser has been updated to the latest version, as My Lowe’s Life needs JavaScript and the usage of cookies. Make sure cookies and JavaScript are allowed from the browser settings and the employees have the latest version of JavaScript installed.
  • If the My Lowes Life portal does not let you sign in, make sure that you have entered an accurate user ID and password of the respective MyLowesLife Login account. Also, if this happens again, try closing the site or clearing the cookies and reopening it.

My Lowes Life Portal – Reset Login Credentials

If the Lowes employees have forgotten their respective MyLowesLife Login account password, it’s easy to reset the login credentials at Just click on the “forgot your password” link in the “Sales number” and last you remember in the “Password” section.

After clicking on the tab “I forgot my password” link, employees will be redirected to the distinctive page where they will be asked an attached security question. Employees should know the answer to this security question because they provided these details to the human resources department when they received login credentials.

After answering the security question, employees will receive supplementary instructions on how to reset the user ID or password. If employees continue to have issues, please contact the account, contact Human Resources, and request support for the same with the on-screen instructions.

Final Thoughts

My Lowes Life is officially a Lowes employee login web platform that can be utilized by official company employees and retirees through Lowe’s in the United States of America is one of the largest and most popular companies which now has a separate portal for their valuable employees.

The Lowe’s Employee Portal was started by Lowe’s to advance employee services and manage the work online. Lowe’s firm was founded in the year 1921 by Lucius Smith Lowe and is based in Mooresville, North Carolina, United States.

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